Super k Windows


Unobstructed views


Sliding doors from Super K Windows are a very popular choice in recent years. Giving an immediate modern and stylish look with their 2, 3 or 4 individual panels. With an ultra smooth sliding mechanism that’s truly unique. One of the best advantages of these sliding doors is the dramatically wide view you are instantly greeted with when you enter the room.

The structure of the lift & slide doors never interfere with walk areas or any furniture near by because every panel runs parallel to the wall and floor. What makes these sliding doors  unique apart from the ultra wide views, is their lifting system. When rotating the handle 180 degrees, the panels get lifted up into a a hover like state which creates the silky gliding motion. Rotate the handle back to the closed position and the door gently rests back into its seals creating an airtight bond that will protect from all the elements mother nature can throw.

energy SAVING

Being an Irish company Super K Windows have always known the importance of energy efficient doors. Lift and slide doors were designed and built with the latest energy saving technologies available. With double or triple glazed option to choose from you can rest assured your energy costs will be at minimum all year long. 

Lift and slide door collection